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About Banian Omid 1

Why Us?

Planning, Organizing and Staging a Successful Exhibition participation requires industry’s knowledge and experience.
We are glad that more than 30 years of intensive experience in the field, access to the global know-how, cooperating with expertise and access to cutting edge technologies enables us to realize customer’s requirements and expectations.

By studying your business structure and your organization's goals we will suggest the most suitable market for your business development.
We would provide you with variety of exhibition services including stand construction, accommodation, transfer, B2B meeting arrangements and any other exhibition services that our clients wish to have.

Working in stand construction sector for more than 40 years and having over 10 factories in the region and being in touch with over 40 different stand construction companies around the world is our core competency and has furnished us with possibility to provide our customers with high quality stands with reasonable prices.

Banian Omid Introduction Video

Some of The Exhibitions Organized by Banian Omid Co.

- Iran Automotive Industry's Capabilities Exhibition

- International Exhibition of Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical "Oil Show"

- International Paint, Resin, Coatings, Composites and Plating Industries Fair "IPCC"

- International Exhibition of Home Furniture "Homex"

- International Exhibition of Exchange, Bank & Insurance "Finex"

- International Build and Property Show "iBuildshow"

- International Exhibition of Electronic, Comptures and E-Commerce "Elecomp"

- International Exhibition of Print and Packing

- International Exhibition of Home Appliances

- International Exhibition of Logistics, Distribution and Supply Chain Fair

- International Exhibition of Medical, Dental, Laboratory Equipment, Pharmaceutical Products and Healthcare "Iran Health"

- International Exhibition of Real Estate and Property

- International Exhibition of Tourism

- International Exhibition of Traffic

- International Exhibition of Audio and Video Equipment

- International Exhibition of Education and Research

Banian Omid Exhibition Management Co.

Banian Omid Group is accounted for the first and one of the most well-known companies in Iran which is specialized on local and international exhibitions. Starting their activities dated back to 1986, and in past two decades they have achieved many awards and compliments from government and private sectors. Nowadays, their decades-long experiences and achievements contributed to locate them on the highest level of exhibition related industries.

Banian Omid Group and its subsidiaries have been engaged in the following industries:
•Construction of exhibition sites
•Administration of exhibition sites
•Organizing local and international exhibitions and events
•Booth construction and decoration and related services
•Production of modular booth construction and home & office furniture
•Marketing consultancy (especially for more successful exhibition participators)

Banian Omid UFI Membership Certificate


Banian Omid Group In Short

Banian Omid has been organizing international exhibitions for past few decades. Importance of research and education in Banian Omid’s strategies leads them to achieve many certificates in order to increase the quality of their exhibitions. Certificates including Exhibition Management Degree (EMD) by UFI, Modern Management for 21st Century by Brian Tracy, E-Commerce by Knowledge Transfer, Business and Trade. TA 101 course in transactional analysis. It is an active member of Iran Exhibition Organizer Association.

Banian Omid Group consists of two main departments including:

1.Exhibition Organizing Dept. which is specialized on organizing trade shows and marketing consultancy. Banian Omid has successfully hold dozens of trade fairs in different countries such as: Russia, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Unite Arab Emirates, Qatar and Singapore

2.Construction Dept. which is mostly specialized on Constructing exhibition halls, exhibition sites management, booth construction, interior design, furniture and exhibition displaying materials.

a. Building Iran’s public sector stands in Tehran and the other cities in iran and abroad with more than 100,000 m² area and providing their   additional   requirements.

 b. Building different countries stands in Iran, with more than   40,000 m² area, and providing their additional requirements.

 c. Building stands in overseas and out of Iran, with approximately   20,000 m² area, and providing their additional requirements.

 d. Making public stands with more than 500 thousands m² area in different   exhibitions of Iran

 e. Building hundreds of domestic and foreign stands, with special designs   inside and outside, for reputable and famous companies.

 f. Interior designing and decorating of the stores and offices of the foreign   companies as well as public and private organizations.

 g. Building and executing tens of stands in the open spaces.

 h. Providing additional requirements with high quality for exhibition   participants.

Banian Omid Company Profile

About Banian Omid Exhibition Management Company Profile